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Official Minecraft Server Guide

Welcome to the official Guide of our Minecraft Server. This guide will explain the philosophy of the server and all its systems. If you are a new member of the community it is highly recommended to read this guide in its fullest.

To play on this server you have to apply for membership. It is a very easy process with a predefined form to fill out. You can still connect to the server as a Guest without build rights. However, if you sign up we will add you as a member so you get full permissions. To signup please submit a topic here by clicking on 122 . The reason for having this system is to make sure people sign up and can access these forums for support and help. It is also useful as a way to keep out players who have a bad agenda in the first place. Staff is always on the lookout for new applications so they are usually approved within minutes. ❄
The Spawn

Starting Area | 243 / 68 / -1626
When joining for the first time you will be spawned on the harbor connected to the spawn area. The spawn area consist of snowy beaches, snowy mountains, snowy tiaga, frozen river and snowy tiaga hill biomes. Cold ocean and regular ocean is surrounding it. While walking around spawn you may get a message saying [WoN] Best of luck on your adventure!. This message is sent to the player if they leave the spawn area. However, sometimes when walking over rivers it will also say that you are leaving spawn. For that reason the best rule of thumb is that the spawn area is all land covered in snow. When entering the spawn you get the message [WoN] You are inside the spawn area, only build inside plots..

Map showing spawn (white, yellow and green area)
as well as surrounding water (dark blue). Light blue
area is part of other continents (no snow).
Harbor and world spawn built by @missjoley.

Building Inside Spawn

The starting area or spawn is supposed to be built by the community itself.
To make sure there is some sort of order maintained our Game Hosts will
setup plots that you can build your houses or stores in. Members may
expand the current paths of the spawn, but may not build their own plots.

If you can't find a free plot you may contact a Game Host or other online Staff.

You may only build up to two houses on two free (available) plots. Available house plots will have signs with the text "free house plot" in capital letters. You may also setup a maximum of two different store locations in free (available) shop plots. Shop plots will have signs on them saying "free shop plot" in capital letters. To claim a plot for a house or store you simply remove the signs and start building. You may also replace the signs but this time with your IGN (In-Game Username).

138 139

Setting up a store
World of Nexus have its very own custom built plugin for stores. To setup a store you first need to place a sign.
ℹ If you want to at this stage you can write on the last line what type of items you will trade in the store for example Building Blocks. You may also dye the sign at this stage if you want to.
Once a sign is placed you may look at it and type /store create. This will setup the store and the sign will soon be updated with the text [Open Store] followed by your username and then the text trading followed by the last line.

140 141

Updating the store
To update the store you need to enter it by right or left clicking. As the store owner you will first see the row of item slots. These will be empty by default. You will then see a corresponding row of deposit as well as withdraw buttons. To add an item to your store that you want to either sell to other people or let people sell to you, you simply click one of the empty slots. Once you have clicked an empty slot you can click on the "Set sold item to item in hand" button. This will make the item you currently hold in your hand to be the item sold/bought @ your store. You will then see the item in the store if you click on "Go back to store". By clicking on the item slot again you will now see an edit menu. In this menu you can change the following by increasing (green wool) or decreasing (red wool):

  • Item selling price (the amount of nexian you get from someone selling to you)
  • Item selling amount (the amount they get from each transaction)
  • Item buy price (the amount of nexian you are willing to pay for this item)
  • Item buy amount (the amount you get from the person selling to your store)
  • Item buy limit (this is how much you will buy, if your in stock is higher than this people won't be able to sell more to your store)
To restock you simply click deposit with left click to add one or right click to add a full stack. You may also withdraw using the same method.

142 143

144 145

Buying from a store and/or selling to a store
To buy from a store you will need some money. Our currency is called nexian or short NEX. To see your current amount of NEX as well as amount of hours you have played you can do /stats.

There are a few different ways to get nexian on the server:

  • By playing the game (you get 0.3 nex per minute)
  • Making someone /pay you
  • Participating in community builds
To buy from a store simply press the buy button. To sell to the store press the sell button. Please remember that you can only buy as much as the person has deposited (in stock). You may only sell to the store if the demand is higher than the in stock and under the condition that the store owner has enough nexian to pay you.

147 148

Gathering Resources

The Community Farm is a Community Building built to give our new and current members a steady supply of fresh food. The coordinates to
the farm is X: 243 and Z: -1626. When exiting spawn harbor you go right and follow the path to find the farm, as shown on the pictures below.
Please replant and take only what you need. Make sure any tree you cut down in the world is fully cut down. We use the plugin called FastLeafDecay by StarTux which will remove all leaves if the surrounding logs are cut. 🌱
ℹ Tip: Doing /cords in-game will show your X and Z coordinates in the current world.
123 125 126 127

You are allowed to kill any animals you see that aren't fenced in. Please consider giving the animals some love so they can reproduce. 🐮

128 129

The Public Mine is a Community Building and is the only mine allowed to be used while in the spawn area. if you want to mine for the first time or while in spawn you have to find the entrance to this mine which is at X: 243 and Z: -1626. To get to the public mine from spawn harbor you exit the harbor and take the first left. You then have to take a right at the statue and take the first left as shown on the pictures below.
ℹ Tip: Doing /cords in-game will show your X and Z coordinates in the current world.
130 131 133 134

ℹ When you have walked all the way down you need to mine approx. 50 blocks in any direction and then start your own mine. It is not recommended to mine above level Y 43 when inside spawn. To see your current X, Y and Z coordinates as well as the distance to spawn you can do /cords. ⛏
The train station is the number one way to escape the spawn to build your own bases or claim villages. It is strongly encouraged to connect your base to one of our railroads going North, South, East and West. We use the plugin called Easy Carts so you can ride faster and also start/stop travelling using left mouse button. You may purchase a minecart at the train station.

136 137

Map of Spawn, Community Farm, Public Mine, Train Station and Plots.


Outside spawn

You may of course setup a base outside the spawn area.
There are certain restrictions to this. The server use a
world border that will gradually increase as the server
progress. The border will expand 1000 blocks every
500 hours in /totalhours. The /totalhours command
display all the playtime from all members of the community.

When claiming a base area you should firstly place a block
and then post your base coordinates (would be cool if you added screenshots too) in Minecraft Bases.

Do not spawn more animals then necessary to prevent lag. Keep the redstone usage at a minimum.
No duplicating of objects. Doing the opposite is considering abusing the server's resources and is punishable. ⚠

On this server you are allowed to claim villages. You claim a village by posting the coordinates here.
You are not allowed to claim villages inside spawn area.
Claimed villages belong to you, and other members are not allowed to raid them. You may only claim one village.

Railroad connection
We strongly encourage you to connect your bases and villages to our railroad so the community may come visit you and also to make it easier for you to come back to spawn and the stores.


Playtime (hours played) will be displayed in TAB as well as amount of players online.

We also have a datapack installed that removes the requirement for everyone on the server to sleep. Just one player is required to sleep, after about 20 seconds the night will turn into day. This will prevent those annoying phantoms from raiding us too much!

We use a lock plugin for chests, furnaces and similar. To use it type /lock. This will activate the locking mode. You may then click the chest/block you're trying to lock. If you want to remove a lock simply do /unlock and click the chest/block you want to unlock. You may use /trust [username] and then click a chest/block to add a user to it. Or alternatively use /untrust [username] to remove a user from your protected chests/blocks.

150 149

Read it all? Go ahead and add a like/reaction below so we know you've taken part of the information. Best of luck - and have fun

~ Team behind World of Nexus
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