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  1. hypews

    please make me a member!

    Member has been taken away due to grieving and stealing from a staff member's plot. You may reapply once your ban has ended. You can alternatively appeal for a reduction in the complaints forum. But in the meantime your ban will last 28 days. Edit: I have checked other people's chests and you...
  2. hypews

    New community project. Community Market

    I am thinking of adding a public market where you can add your sign shop to a designated slot. The building could be a barn like building with stalls where people could sell their items. Possible rewards for helping the build: 150 Nex Contributor rank on discord Ingame ingots As there are no...
  3. hypews

    Claiming base at -594 -1402

    This is also my base location. :)
  4. hypews


    Accepted Locked
  5. hypews


    Accepted as member Locked
  6. hypews

    Im a smol 15 y/o

    Im a smol 15 y/o
  7. hypews

    OA is on the horizon!

    Only 4 more days until the Open Alpha!!!
  8. hypews

    Minecraft Moderator Kek0

    Maybe add some more information like server names and player count
  9. hypews

    hypews’ Wood Business

    I sell wood logs, planks and saplings. X: 289 Z: -1490 You can apply to work here for 5 Iron Ingots every 3 Stacks you bring into the shop. Reply to this thread with this format: IGN: Hours Online: Discord:
  10. hypews

    Minecraft Moderator Icy for Mod

    All of our staff applications are full. But, stick around as a position may appear! Good Luck!
  11. hypews

    Vending Machine

    food, potions, lava/water buckets, iron ore/ingots.
  12. hypews

    Minecraft Moderator Application For Moderator

    Please add the server names and their player count. If you can't remember do not worry. Please stick around as you may get accepted if the server grows and/or and staff member resigns or gets demoted.
  13. hypews


  14. hypews

    Community Pool

    We could make a pool. Have changing rooms and the usual stuff
  15. hypews


    im so glad this school doesnt block this website.... *sigh*
  16. hypews


    Thanks for letting me become a staff member on this server. I see potential and I want to thank the team in making this community great. From welcoming new players to dealing with staff, this community is one of a kind. I am truly honored to be apart of this community.
  17. hypews

    News Nexus Spawn and Hub Ideas

    there is a way to make players join with the items in their inventory, i think it is with essentialskits
  18. hypews

    News Nexus Spawn and Hub Ideas

    Ender Chests or a Player Vault?
  19. hypews

    Minecraft Moderator Freak_Death

    I agree with moon, the applications now need to be lengthy and detailed. This server is going to be quite a big Network when hightale gets released. Quoting Dingo: Most positions are filled. Only the applicants who produce a detailed and honest application will get a chance. I suggest you read...
  20. hypews

    Closed/Approved Biome for Spawn

    Ice spikes